The Coalition

What We Do

Creating Student Awareness on Prevention within our Community

Promoting positive, healthy, and addiction-free community development and to establish and strengthen network collaboration to influence policy and legislation. We are also promoting community education, change organization practices, and culture as well as strengthen youth knowledge and individual skills by addressing the factors that increase the risk of substance use and promoting the protective factors that minimize the risk of substance use.

Our History & DFC

History (CSAPC)

The history of the Chenango Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (CSAPC) dates back to September of 2014. The Chenango County Department of Health saw a significant increase in Hepatitis C cases. As a result, stakeholders gathered to discuss the increase, the discussion linked Hepatitis C to an increase in heroin and prescription drug use.


Drug-Free Communities is a federally funded grant through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) that focuses on strengthening community coalitions through collaboration to work toward preventing and reducing substance abuse among youth as well as reduce substance abuse among adults.

How It Works

Below you can find ways to increase your knowledge and understanding of the coalition and their work.



Sectors & Reps


Coalition Leaders

Matthew Skojec LCSW-R 


 Program Coordinator 

 Chenango County Behavioral Health Services 

Tessa Davidson LEAF Prevention Coordinator 


 LEAF Prevention Coordinator 


The Choices

Your choice to drive under the influence impacts lives of others, and your choice to drive under the influence can cause a loss in life of another family’s loved one. Let’s make the choice as a community to break away from social norms, and make a change in our community together.

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